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I come all the way from Biggleswade to buy my monthly indian food from best takeaway in Herts,,,,,,,,,,, SURMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lots of Love XXXXX Lindy
Date of Posting: 03 October 2013
Posted By: Lindy
Solicitor , Biggleswade
good food top ***** star rated
Date of Posting: 30 July 2013
Posted By: otiha lotia
good food
I recently moved in to Stevenage tasted other Indians restaurant in town, but liked Surma takeaway food
I think surma is the best so far last three meal was very good look forward to my next order on Saturday..

Date of Posting: 30 July 2013
Posted By: David Raymond
I love indian food and my best food from small surma takeaway in Oldtown..
Date of Posting: 10 May 2013
Posted By: arnon main
i love indian food, broadwater, stevanage
Best in town, no doubt. The portions are very generous. Always very tasty. Never had a bad meal. The service is 5*. My regular before Surma has gone down hill for the past couple of months. Will not be going back.

Keep up the good work Oli and your team.

Date of Posting: 01 March 2013
Posted By: Lee Franks
United Kingdom
hi, I had a delivery tonight and I am not happy about it.
first of all I would like to say I had a dansak last Wednesday and it was the best I have ever had from you. I order it extra spicy and it was perfect. tonight I decided to order it via your online service. I put on the original order that I would like my dansak extra spicy, vindaloo heat or hotter... and then even when i paid on paypall i mentioned it again that i wanted it extra extra spicy. I placed my order at 1830 on Saturday nite and my order finaly arrived at 2005. far too long for a wait on a take away. it also turned out it wasn't hot. yes warm but not hot. the dansak was just a regular dansak, no extra heat at all... I had sagaloo too like I did last Wednesday but it really wasn't as nice as it was last Wednesday... I really hope you will respond to my email.... regards, shanon
Date of Posting: 09 February 2013
Posted By: Shanon Jansen
By far the best curry take away in Stevenage. I always go for the same... extra spicy dansak.... absolutely the best ever!!!!
Date of Posting: 09 February 2013
Posted By: Shanon Jansen
i work for jamie oliver, stevenage
Thank you Every one for your lovely comments. I always try to be in Surma I only take two days off, Stay rest of the week just to cook good food for you.

Thank you Ross you will get your complementary food from Surma.Thank you for your long custom its always been appreciated


Best Wishes

Oli Khan
Date of Posting: 03 February 2013
Posted By: Oli Khan
Chef / Owner, Surma
My friends highly recommended about your takeaway, yes she was right, you are good for traditional food
Date of Posting: 01 February 2013
Posted By: Jibonika
Pin Green, Stevenage
I have completed my 100 takeaway today!!!
Oli Do i get a free takeaway on next time.
how is Suresh he is good chap I believe he is one of your oldest driver or is it Moo.
Date of Posting: 31 January 2013
Posted By: David Ross
Self employed, Bedwell

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